by Coldfront

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released August 2, 2013

All music written and performed by Coldfront.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Sam Guaiana in Caledon, ON.
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Studios in Toronto, ON.



all rights reserved


Coldfront Oakville, Ontario

Punk rock from the 905.

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Track Name: Untitled
I can't be there for you now
I know I'm breaking promises
But I don't care

The bottle is my best friend, and I spend my lonely days
Scratching tickets and getting shitfaced
To cover internal pain
School was such a struggle, that I've overcome before
Because I knew that when it rained,
You'd be knocking on my door

I cant be there for you now
I know I'm breaking promises
But I don't care
Track Name: Waiting
I felt locked out of the walls that I had cast around myself
And I spent, too much time hiding keys
Cause I thought that it made me safer
I might be alone but I'm still, waiting for you

I set myself apart from everyone, everyone out there
Cause I can't deal with this lying you're not even trying
But I never thought that I'd give up on you

But I refuse to be another fucking anchor in your life
When I feel so small, and I feel so alone
And I can't go back to where I was before
I'm running in circles because I'm so insecure

I'm not giving up on you
So i'll keep waiting, for you
Track Name: Still
I'm divided on whether I should care anymore,
Cause I don't think that my lungs can take in this air for much longer
I'm too young to be this broken, I'm too young to feel like
I've wasted my days away, I keep wasting away

I'm getting older and this weight on my shoulders is starting to give
I'm taking steps that I know aren't forward, alone cause I'm stubborn
But I keep wasting my days away,

I miss waking up with a clear grasp on everything,
I miss the kid that wouldn't let shit stand in his way
And it took so long, and I know why
I'm closer to the end then I am to the start
So carry me

I know why, this feels so right
So carry me'
Track Name: Withdrawal
I've been playing the odds since I was a kid,
I was always overshadowed by discipline,
I paid the price for all of my sins
I found it hard to stand on broken shins,

So learn to, see through empty smiles
Its not the time that I spent, its about the time that I wasted
Thinking that all I had to do was be like you,
And things would get better, they always get better
You may be fine with standing still
But my friends expected more than this from me,

Patience, never really worked for me

Since I've been playing the odds,
I know that I'm the one you blame
For everything, well I'm not the same
As I used to be
You think too low of me

I know I said you're worth waiting,
but since you're complaining,
I won't feel so small in the space we've been making
I'm not the same as I used to be,
You think too low of me

Expect more from me.